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Published on 16 Oct 2014,
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By-Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy
Breaking the monotony of learning process: Saveetha University Director 'invents' MILA Multiple interacting learning algorithm(MILA) attempts to replace the old style of education and create an effective ,enthusiastic and active learning environment for students. The project developed by Director of Academics in Saveetha University,Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy, breaks the monotony of hours of lectures and replaces it with facilitator mediated active learning process.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Saveetha Medical College Organized YOGA Programme

Saveetha Medical College
Organized YOGA Programme

Chennai:The United Nations has declared 21st June as the international Day of Yoga. It is a matter of great pride and honor for every Indian that the importance for this was given by none other than our honorable Prime Minister, Dr.Narendra Modi.
            In connections with this, the day was celebrated at Saveetha Medical College on 20th June. An essay writing Competition on Yoga as a Compliment to modern medical treatment was announced and there was an overwhelming response of 30 participants. The content and style of writing was of high caliber and it was difficult to judge the winners.
The Prizes in the essay Competition went to the following students
Of 2nd MBBS ,Shri Varshini – 1st Prize,Sugitha – 2nd Prize ,M.Aruna – 3rd Prize,
Lecture cum demonstration on Yoga was held in the Saveetha Medical College on 20 th. Two renowned Yoga Masters, D.N Rao and Shantanu saha were invited for this. They explained individually and with examples the benefits of different Asanas in reducing stress and improving concentration .The students participated enthusiastically. And were pleasantly surprised at the difference it made
Following this there was an Asanas competition for both faculty and students. This was judged by the two Yoga Masters
Faculty: The Prize Winners Were:
Dr.Prem Kumar          – 1st Prize (Asst Prof Physiology),
Dr.Benjamin Sagayaraj– 2nd Prize (Professor Paediatrics),
Dr.Timsi Jain – 3rdPrize (Professor Community Medicine),

Students: Sownivasini (2nd MBBS) – 1st Prize,Mohamed Naful Rizwan (3rd MBBS) – 2nd Prize& Sugavanesh (2nd MBBS),Sathvika Bominji (2nd MBBS) – 3rd Prize,Vinutha (2nd MBBS)

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