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Published on 16 Oct 2014,
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By-Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy
Breaking the monotony of learning process: Saveetha University Director 'invents' MILA Multiple interacting learning algorithm(MILA) attempts to replace the old style of education and create an effective ,enthusiastic and active learning environment for students. The project developed by Director of Academics in Saveetha University,Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy, breaks the monotony of hours of lectures and replaces it with facilitator mediated active learning process.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Pupil , Saveetha Eco School organised "Madras Memoirs – Madras Day celebrations " on 22nd August ,2015.

The Pupil , Saveetha Eco School  organised "Madras Memoirs – Madras Day celebrations " on 22nd
August ,2015.
 It was a reminiscence of relevant pages in history when  The Pupil , Saveetha Eco School
organised “Madras Memoirs”  after a week of interclass competitions on the city.
The Programme was mainly aimed at showcasing the role of the school to uphold our rich tradition
for our future generation.
The gallery “Fotoatelier”,which showcased Chennai’s rich history, was a treat to the eye.
Added attractions were the weaving corner , the ‘Art Attack ‘- where parents and pupilites tried
their hand at  free hand drawing and  the ‘Chennai Family Quiz’ .he items showcased in the fiesta
include vintage clocks, cycles, cycle-rickshaws, fishing boats & nets, wooden-steps, trains, bridges built, water-ways & canals, etc. of yesteryears.  Students also exhibited selective pictures and precious treasures drawn from their own imagination of the past.
While Charkas & handloom instruments tried to occupy the prime galleries in the event, the most
attractive feature for the visitors were the hand-spun clothes.  There were multiple events with the
choir group singing the city’s glory with “Chennai Namma Ooru’, a street play with its dream of
a clean Chennai, some traditional dances and traditional stalls – “Grandma’s Kitchen” with
delicacies like kuzhi paniyaram, adhirasam, payasam  and the ever popular ‘degree Kaapi’ to
tempt the palate. Games like Kabbadi, Pallanguzhi, Dhaayam, Paandi  added verve and
enthusiasm to the show and took  even the visitors on a ride to their forgotten past-times.  .
The colourful programme attracted thousands of visitors from every walk of life like students, parents and their relatives & friends.
The Chief Guests were Dr. N. M. Veeraiyan, the Honourable Chancellor of the Saveetha
University ,the Directors of Saveetha University ,Dr.Saveetha Rajesh and Dr.S.Rajesh and
Ms. G. Sundari, a doyen in art and culture from the Theosophical Society – a teacher par
excellence who speaks of the society that was started with universal brotherhood as its
principle. Ms. Ramya Deepak was  also present.

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